Director: Matt Meeker 

The Streets and Traffic Control department is made up of seven programs:
  1. Administration
  2. Street Construction
  3. Street Drainage
  4. Street Maintenance
  5. Sidewalk Construction**
  6. Traffic Control Operations, and
  7. Street Lighting.*
In general, the department is responsible for repairing and maintaining City streets and drainage systems (storm drains, culverts, ditches, and detention ponds).  The department is also responsible for the repair of existing sidewalks and the construction of new sidewalks.  Maintenance of traffic signals and street signage also falls under the purview of the department. 

Office Hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  For after-hours emergencies - please call Utilities Dispatch at 479-784-2342.

* City Street Lights are owned and operated by OG&E. However, the City Streets and Traffic Control Department report street light outages, and evaluate for new street lighting installation.  To report an outage or request a new installation, please call 479-784-2360 or email: 

**To request a new sidewalk please call 479-784-2360 or email: