The Department of Finance provides support services to the entire organization. Our responsibilities include: budget compilation, development, and monitoring; grant and intergovernmental revenue administration; business registration administration; alcoholic beverage tax and fee billing, collection, and monitoring; property and equipment risk management and loss control; banking relations; investments of funds on hand; debt service analysis and bond payments; utility billing and related customer service; purchasing management; parking facilities operations; and financial reporting.

The Department’s records are examined annually by an independent accounting firm. The audit is a part of the comprehensive annual financial report that is available on-line. The annual budget is also available on this site.

The Department of Finance contains two programs: Finance Administration and Purchasing.


Current Tax Rate Information

The Current Tax Rate is 9.5%

The charge to the City of Fort Smith will be the following:

  • State of Arkansas Sales Tax: 6.5%
  • City of Fort Smith Tax: 2%
  • Sebastian County Tax: 1%


2% City Tax Breakdown

1% is dedicated for streets, drainage and bridges
.75% is for redemption of the sales and use tax bond issues outstanding
.25% is for fire and parks operations and capital projects

1% Sebastian County Sales Tax Breakdown

1% is used for Public Safety, Public Library, Parks Capital Maintenance, Senior Citizen Programs, Downtown Development & Projects, Public Transit and Privilege License Replacement.