Water Advisory Committee

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Jessica Underwood
Phone: 784-2201
Email: junderwood@fortsmithar.gov

The Water Advisory Committee is a non-voting committee that serves as a standing committee to help advise the Board of Directors for evaluation, planning, analyzing, updating, and recommending policies and/or programs related to the City of Fort Smith's Utility Department's water programs. Membership and procedural requirements for this Water Advisory Committee are set forth by Ordinance Number 99-21.

The Water Advisory Committee is comprised of six (6) members. Appointments are confirmed by the Board of Directors. At all times the membership of the Advisory Committee shall include at least one qualified electors from each of the four city wards and two members who are nonresident water customers from areas served outside the Fort Smith municipal boundaries and in unincorporated areas.

After an introductory period, subsequent appointments to the Water Advisory Committee shall be for three year terms.

The water advisory committee shall meet at a frequency of a maximum of once per annual quarter and a minimum of once annually. A quorum for each meeting shall be four members. All meetings shall be held for the purpose of discussing, considering, and providing advice to the Fort Smith governing body regarding projects or policies related to the Fort Smith water programs and associated rates.



members  Members TBD  Term: Staggered  Meetings: TBD  Vacancy: Yes