Parks And Recreation Commission

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Linda Woodruff
Parks & Recreation Secretary
Phone: 784-1006

The Parks and Recreation Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors of the City of Fort Smith and Director of Community Services in the promotion, planning, maintenance, development and operation of all recreation areas and facilities owned, controlled or leased by the City.

The members of the Parks and Recreation Commission shall be qualified electors of the City. Members are appointed by the Board of Directors for five-year terms. The commission meets at 12:00 (noon) the second Wednesday of each month at the Creekmore Community Center. 


Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Advisory Council Definitions

Greenways & Trails: serves to research, design, and promote the establishment of a comprehensive system of linear park areas within the city to be known as greenways and trails.

Public/Private Partnerships: works towards establishing joint acquisition, development, and programming with regional agencies, schools, developers, land owners, businesses, corporations, churches, and other public agencies for interlocal agreements.

Recreation Events & Programs/Special Projects: serves to improve and expand recreational opportunities. i.e. After School, Recreation Center Programs, Senior Programs, Seasonal Programs, Athletics, Outdoor Recreation, and Special Events. Offer a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of the entire community, from toddlers to seniors, from opportunities for fellowship to events promoting fitness, provide programs that meet the needs of our citizens.

Land Acquisition/Open Space: serve and support with respect to acquisition and development of open space identification of potential sites or land parcels which should be reserved for open space or greenway purposes, and recommending methods of obtaining such parcels. Assist in the development and monitoring of the overall process for evaluation and recommendation of sites for acquisition.

Capital Improvements: advisory role for the expenditure of tax and grant monies to be used for renovating and building park and recreation facilities. These facilities include parks, recreation centers, park amenities and more. Assist in the monitoring of funding sources, including Capital Funds, as well as grants; assist in the monitoring and review of the development process and schedule for improvements to sites.

Special Facilities: serves as a sounding board by holding public meetings and exercising influence throughout the City to improve and expand special faciliy opportunities. Advisory role that seeks to develop, promote, and enhance special facilities in the park system which includes aquatics, train, tennis center, skatepark, historic battlefields, them park, riverpark, zoo, etc...

Strategic Planning and Long Range Finance: provide strategic plans and priorities for parks and facilities that protect park resources and provide for appropriate public use and enjoyment of parklands and facilities for future generations; participate in city and regional planning activities that affect parks, recreation, natural resources. 

members  Members (7)  Term: 5 Years  Meetings: Monthly

Nancy Raney



Appointed: 07/19/2016

Expiration: 08/31/2026

8108 Adam Drive

Fort Smith, AR

221-2643 (H)

Sandy Sanders



Appointed: 11/16/2021

Expiration: 8/31/2026

2301 Wyndermere Way

Fort Smith, AR 72903




David S. Roberts


Appointed: 05/19/2020

Expiration: 08/31/2022

1007 Adelaid

Fort Smith, AR 72901


John McIntosh


64.6 Downtown

Appointed: 02/18/2020

Expiration: 08/31/2023

2104 South Q Street

Fort Smith, AR


Andrew Deal


Appointed: 07/16/2019

Expiration: 08/31/2024

2111 South Q Street

Fort Smith, AR


Chris Raible


Appointed: 10/21/2014

Expiration: 08/31/2024

5206 Twin Hills Drive

Fort Smith, AR 72916


Madeline Marquette

Vice Chairman

Appointed: 07/20/2010

Expiration: 08/31/2025

7818 Valley Forge Rd

Fort Smith, AR

478-7021 (H)