This webpage contains the requirements for obtaining residential one and two family dwelling building permits and inspection information for the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas.


2012 Arkansas State Fire Prevention Code Volume III

2018 Arkansas Plumbing Code

- City Plumbing & Gas Code Amendments

2010 Arkansas Mechanical Code

2017 National Electric Code

- City Electrical Code Amendments

2014 Arkansas Energy Code

2018 Arkansas Fuel Gas Code

Arkansas State Law requires that contractors be licensed with the State of Arkansas. For more information contact the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board at (501) 372-4661 or on the internet at

A City of Fort Smith Business Occupation License is required to operate within the jurisdiction of the City of Fort Smith. We reciprocate with other cities in the State of Arkansas when the contractor has no office within the City of Fort Smith.

All building permits for construction projects may be obtained by the owner, general contractor, or their agent at 623 Garrison Avenue Suite 405. Phone for information by calling (479) 784-2288. Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Plans may be submitted for review by parties other than those who will obtain the actual permit.


Single family residence and duplex construction

Submittal Requirements:

- 1 complete set of plans
- Site plan, drawn to scale

1. Legal Description
2. Property lines and property corner evidence
3. Right-of-ways, easements and setbacks
4. Name and location of streets.

5. All existing and proposed structures
6. Distance to structures from property lines and any other buildings or structures
7. Location of driveway(s), designed to City Ordinance standards

8. Location and size of all public utilities, existing and/or proposed and service connections water and sewer service lines

9. Minimum finished floor elevation (if within the 100-year flood plain)


Floor plan, showing all floors including basements. Show all rooms, with their use, overall dimensions and location of all structural elements and openings. Show all doors and windows. Provide door, window and finish schedules. Show all fire assemblies and area separations.

Exterior elevations, showing all views of the structure. Show all vertical dimensions and heights. Show all openings and identify all materials.

The correct address for the project must be supplied. The address my be obtained from the Engineering Department of the City of Fort Smith, 623 Garrison Avenue Suite 409. Phone (479) 784-2225. All correspondence and records are maintained by the street address.


- Where there is no square footage added to the structure. No change of occupancy.
- 1 complete set of plans
- Submit the same plans as listed for new construction except for the site plan.


The building permit card shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the front of the premises. The permit card shall be kept on the property until the Building Inspector removes it at the final inspection.

Inspections shall be made by the inspectors upon notification of the permit holder. Inspectors will either approve the construction as completed or will notify the permit holder wherein it does not pass inspection or comply with the applicable code.


1. Foundation inspection - This made after the trenches have been excavated, the forms erected, all reinforcing steel is in place, and all materials for the foundation delivered. Concrete supplied from a central mixing plant does not have to be on the site during inspection.
2. Concrete slab - This is made after all in-slab or underfloor plumbing, electrical, conduit, piping accessories and their ancillary equipment items have been inspected. Reinforcing wire, vapor barrier and termite protection must be installed prior to this inspection.
3. Plumbing, mechanical and electrical - Rough (in wall, ceiling and attic) inspection made prior to covering or concealment and before fixtures are set.
4. Framing inspection - This is made after the roof, all framing, fire blocking and bracing are in place, after all pipes, chimneys and vents are complete, and after the rough electrical, mechanical, plumbing and heating wires, pipes and ducts are approved. WALLS CANNOT BE COVERED UNTIL THIS INSPECTION IS APPROVED.
5. Final inspection - Plumbing and electrical and mechanical inspections are required before the final building inspection.
6. Final inspection - This is made when the building has been completed and is ready for occupancy, address numbers are installed and all site grading and drainage are completed. A BUILDING CANNOT BE LAWFULLY OCCUPIED UNTIL A FINAL INSPECTION AND SUBSEQUENT CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY IS ISSUED THEREFOR.

Work shall not be done on any part of a building or structure beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining the written approval of the Building Official, or his designated agent. Such written approval shall be given only after an inspection shall have been made of each successive step in the construction as indicated by each of the foregoing inspections.

Inspection Requests are taken between the hours of:

8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Monday thru Friday

Inspection Request Phone Numbers:

Building inspection
(479) 784-2239
(479) 784-2240

Electrical inspection
(479) 784-2233
(479) 784-2234

Plumbing inspection
(479) 784-2215
(479) 784-2475

Mechanical inspection
(479) 784-2238
(479) 784-2475

Building Safety Office



Zoning Questions:

Parking requirements, zoning, setbacks, fencing, platting of property, etc. call (479) 784-2216.

Engineering Questions:

Driveway design, drainage, flood plain, addresses, public and private improvements, etc. call (479) 784-2225.

Utilities Questions:

Water and sewer taps, locations, fire hydrants, sprinkler systems, backflow protection of water system, etc. call (479) 784-1016 and 494-3913

Building Questions:

Building code requirements call (479) 784-2288.

Plan Submittal Questions:
Call (479) 784-2288