Airport Commission  

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Michael Griffin, Airport Director
Fort Smith Regional Airport
6700 McKennon Blvd., Suite 200
Fort Smith, AR 72903

Phone:452-7000 ext. 50


The Airport Commission has the authority to manage, operate, improve, extend and maintain the Municipal Airport and its related properties and facilities, has the right to employ and supervise airport employees, and has authority to finance all improvements at the Airport, including construction of facilities and acquisition of property. The Commission shall keep a record of all revenues and expenditures of the Airport and its related properties and facilities, and shall submit monthly reports and an annual report to the Board of Directors. The Airport Commission is composed of seven citizens who are qualified electors of the City, one of which must be fully experienced in aviation and hold some type of pilot rating. The Airport Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors for five-year terms. The Fort Smith Airport Commissioner's regular monthly meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held in the Commission Room located in the airport administration offices on the second floor of the new airport terminal building (6700 McKennon Blvd.).  


members  Members (7)  Term: 5 Years  Meetings: Monthly

Jan Nordin


Appointed: 03/01/2009

Expiration: 06/30/2022

4319 S. 35Th Drive

Fort Smith, AR

646-8348 (H)

James E. Kelly, III M.D.


Appointed: 05/15/2012

Expiration: 06/30/2022

Not Published

Fort Smith, AR 72903

709-8395 (W)

Mac Mcghee


Systems Analyst

Appointed: 08/16/2011

Expiration: 06/30/2023

7123 Riviera Drive

Fort Smith, AR

462-6399 (H) 648-5634 (W) 

Gary Grimes Sr.



Appointed: 06/18/2019

Expiration: 06/30/2024

12001 Rye Hill Road South

Fort Smith, AR


Robert J. Hawkins


Appointed: 06/16/2015

Expiration: 06/30/2025

9505 Chad Colley Blvd.

Fort Smith, AR


Eric Pendergrass


Appointed: 06/14/2021

Expiration: 06/30/2026

925 South H Street 

Fort Smith, AR  72901


Kevin Ridgley


Appointed: 05/17/2016

Expiration: 06/30/2026

927 Adelaide Avenue

Fort Smith, AR 72901