Fort Smith Boards and Commissions

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 Advertising and Promotions Commission  4 Years  Monthly  No
 Airport Commission  5 Years  Monthly  No
 Animal Services Advisory Board  N/A  N/A  No
 Arkansas Fair & Exhibition Facilities Board  5 Years  On-Call  No
 Audit Committee  3 Years  On-Call  No
 Building Board of Adjustments and Appeals  4 Years  On-Call  No
 Central Business Improvement District  Indefinite  On-Call  No
 Civil Service Commission  6 Years  On-Call  No
 Community Development Advisory Committee  3 Years  On-Call  No
 Future Fort Smith Committee  5 Years  On-Call  No
 County Equalization Board (Joint City/County Committee)  3 Years  On-Call  Yes
 Electric Code Appeals Board  5 Years  On-Call  No
 Fire Code Board of Appeals and Adjustments  4 Years  On-Call  No
 FS Municipal Employees Benevolent Fund Board of Advisors  3 Years  On-Call  No
 Historical District Commission  3 Years  Monthly  No
 Housing Assistance Board  2 Years  Monthly  No
 Library Board of Trustees  5 Years  Monthly  Yes
 Massard Prairie Civil War Battlefield Park Advisory Commission  3 Years  On-Call  No
 Mechanical Board of Adjustments and Appeals  5 Years  On-Call  No
 Oak Cemetery Commission  3 Years  Monthly  Yes
 Outside Agency Review Panel  1 Year  Inactive  No
 Parking Authority  5 Years  On-Call  No
 Parks and Recreation Commission  5 Years  Monthly  No
 Planning Commission  3 Years  Monthly  No
 Plumbing Advisory Board  4 Years  On-Call  No
 Port Authority  5 Years  On-Call  No
 Property Owners Appeal Board  5 Years  Monthly  No
 Residential Housing Facilities Board  5 Years  On-Call  No
 Riverfront Task Force  Indefinite  On-Call  No
 Seb. County Solid Waste Management Board (Joing City/County Committee)  3 Years  Quarterly  Yes
 Streets, Bridges and Assoc. Drainage Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Advisory Committee  3 Years  Quarterly  No
 Transit Advisory Committee  Staggered  On-Call  No
 501c3 Based Committees
 Housing Authority  5 Years  Monthly  No