Category: Ord. Not Yet Codified
Ord. 104-18, adopted December 18, 2018:  Abolish Oak Cemetery Commission, Parking Authority, Massard Prairie Civil War Battlefield Park advisory Commission, Outside Agency Review panel, Residential Housing Facilities Board, and Riverfront Task Force; and, establish rules of order and procedure relative to city Boards and Commissions
Ord. 97-18, adopted December 4, 2018:  Amend Section 6-153 of the Fort Smith Municipal Code  (Electrical Code)
Ord. 93-18, adopted November 20, 2018:  Set dates, time, and location for Board of Directors regular meetings in 2019
Ord. 88-18, adopted November 6, 2018:  Amend Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) - October 2018 Amendment (definition of subdivision)