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Many communities simply leave commercial and industrial collection to the private sector. But in Fort Smith, commercial and industrial collection represents a crucially important element of our overall community strategy.

The Fort Smith Department of Sanitation offers the full range of collection services to the commercial and industrial sector – including the availability of containers and complete recycling programs, including the recycling of corrugated cardboard.

The Department of Sanitation offers commercial customers container and roll-off services, with containers available according to customers’ needs in two-, four-, six- or eight-yard sizes available. Roll-off containers for large jobs and industrial customers are available in 20-, 30- and 40-yard sizes.

Many businesses also participate in our cardboard recycling program, which is free with our commercial services and makes use of eight-yard containers for commercial businesses or roll-off containers for industrial customers.

To get cost information on any of the above listed containers please contact our Commercial/Industrial Dispatcher at (479) 784-2465. We will be happy to serve your needs.

Commericial Collection Schedule

Collection schedules are determined by the drivers due to the change in container locations.

indus rolloffIndustrial Collection Schedule

Same-day collection is possible if the request is called in before 12:30pm. Otherwise collection will take place the following day.

Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

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Operation GO

This program establishes sustainability initiatives to include office recycling, including paper, cardboard and plastic/steel/tin beverage containers.

Participation in this program is an effort to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. the largest waste component in an office environment is paper products. Operation GO's goals are to establish and maintain active recycling programs of office wastes, to reduce the usage of paper, and to increase the procurement of paper containing recycled materials. These efforts will achieve the following results:

  • Reduce waste disposal volumes
  • Divert waste from the Fortm Smith Landfill
  • Earn revenue from the sale of recycled materials to help cover operational cost
  • Stimulate the market for recyclable paper by providing a supply of material and reducing the requirements for wood pulp
  • Conserve forest lands and other valuable resources
  • Decrease harmful emissions to the environment

The EPA estimates that 90% of all office waste by weight is paper. Up to 77% of the solid waste generated in a commercial establishment can be recycled. To learn more about Operation go contact (479) 784-2465.

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