Civil Service Commission

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Lindsey Kaelin, Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: 784-2222
Fax: 784-1024

The Civil Service Commission is responsible for writing and enforcing rules and regulations governing the Fire and Police Departments. The rules provide for the qualifications for applicants for appointment to the Police and Fire Department and provide for open, competitive examination to test the fitness of applicants. In addition, the Civil Service Commission hears appeals by employees of the Fire and Police Departments concerning disciplinary actions.

The Civil Service Commission consists of seven citizens of the City named by the Board of Directors to serve six-year terms. Members shall be citizens of the State of Arkansas and residents of the City for at least three (3) years preceding their appointment. Members shall not hold or be a candidate for any political office under any national, state, county or municipal government, or be connected in any official capacity with any political party or organization. The commission meets on call. 


members  Members (7)  Term: 6 Years  Meetings: On Call

Charolette Tidwell


Appointed: 02/21/2017

Expiration: 03/31/2022

1728 North 46 Circle

Fort Smith, AR

459-0669 (H)

Marty Shell


Terminal Operator

Appointed: 03/15/2011

Expiration: 03/31/2023

11107 Vista Ridge Court

Fort Smith, AR

649-9067 (H) 410-1557 (W)

Chris Chaney


Appointed: 03/5/2019

Expiration: 03/31/2025

500 N. 12th Street

Fort Smith, AR 72901

479-653-1792 (W)

Robert Patrick Cooper


Appointed: 11/16/2004

Expiration: 03/31/2021

2601 Athlone Rd

Fort Smith, AR

783-9692 (H) 646-4366 (W)

Sam Sexton


Appointed: 06/15/2010

Expiration: 03/31/2021

P.O. Box 1971

Fort Smith, AR

783-0036 (W)

John Walker


Appointed: 12/19/2017

Expiration: 12/19/2023

409 Garrison Ave.

Fort Smith, AR

269-876-7439 (H) 785-7462 (W)

Matthew Garner


Appointed: 06/19/2018

Expiration: 12/19/2023

12100 Sapling Drive

Fort Smith, AR

431-8618 (W)